Social Justice Group Guiding Principles

Social Justice Group – Guiding Principles for Planning, Action and Funding

Wherever possible, all planning, action and funding should strive to:-

  • raise awareness about the causes of poverty
  • contribute to ending poverty
  • bring people together in organisations to empower them to act
  • reflect the felt needs and priorities of poorer communities
  • reach the poorest people
  • involve people, especially women, in planning and implementing initiatives
  • use local people and skills
  • respect the local physical environment
  • serve the whole community (not just one religious group)
  • influence the policy and practice of others
  • support organisations that are credible and authoritative in their field.

In funding, we should maintain a balance between providing sustained support for particular organisations for longer-term and/or specified periods, and providing one-off support for organisations which we feel need support at particular times.

These principles are based on Christian Aid’s development guidelines.