All Age Worship

Our All age Worship session on Sunday 28th May 2017 looked at the theme of prayer. After a difficult week in the light of the Manchester bombings, this was a very relevant theme. Prayer was looked at and explored in many different ways.


Gracious God,
Hear the cries of all people
in the brokenness of a new day,
where music is silenced in grief
for the loss of loved ones.


Jesus, suffering Lord,
hold in your loving arms
those caught in the distress of this tragedy
and sustain all who are working
to aid those affected.


Spirit of Life,

when words fail us

speak through us

your word of Peace

into broken lives


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Christian Aid Week 14‑20 May 2017

Time to give to good causes as local volunteers engage with the house to house collection so that the communities in this world, who do not have access to the basics of life that we take for granted, may be given new opportunities.


Christian Aid Walk

The Christian Aid walk went very well with a number of people from Trinity. We enjoyed a glorious walk in the sunshine.























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