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Festival Appeals
We support a range of local charities through our Festival Appeals at Easter and Christmas.

At Easter 2019 we supported:

Voice of Hope

Every 15 seconds another person becomes a victim of Human Trafficking.

Human trafficking is a highly-organised, lucrative, illegal trade of human beings for the purpose of exploitation. It is a social injustice “hidden in plain sight”.

Voice of Hope is a charity based in Stoke-on-Trent that raises awareness of Modern Slavery and Human trafficking. They are dedicated to offering free awareness training to the general public across the sectors and within the business community. The more people who know about it, the better equipped and empowered we all are to: prevent it, helping rescue those trapped in its snare and ultimately keeping the most vulnerable free from the risk of becoming the next victims.

The charity aims to:

raise awareness, educate, provide training, network and support partners who are working to recover, restore and rebuild the lives of victims of human trafficking and, assist in the escorting classified victims of human trafficking to safe houses.

For more information about Voices for Hope please click the link below:



At Christmas 2018 we supported:

Staffordshire Buddies

Staffordshire Buddies is a charity that supports and befriends people with HIV and Aids.

For further  information please click on this link:



The projects we support in our local community are:

Leek and District Foodbank

We support Leek and District Foodbank in wanting to ensure that no-one in our local community has to go hungry. We have a donation point in the church foyer, encouraging people to make food donations to support the work of the Foodbank.

ASHA North Staffordshire

We support ASHA in helping men, women and children seeking refuge from persecution in North Staffordshire. We support them with financial help, regular food appeals and donations of clothing, toys, bicycles, etc.

One Recovery Staffordshire

We support the work of One Recovery Staffordshire in providing both drugs and alcohol support services. The Russell Street Centre from which services in Leek are provided is owned by the church.

Leek Street Pastors

We support Leek Street Pastors in caring for, listening to and helping people who are out and about on the streets of Leek. Trinity provides accommodation for the Street Pastors, and a number of our members are Street Pastors and Prayer Pastors.

Totally Locally

We support the principles of Totally Locally Leek, aiming to purchase Trinity’s supplies locally wherever possible.

@21 Leek Town Centre Youth Project

We support the Leek Town Centre Youth Project (link to Support Staffordshire page), which provides a safe, welcoming environment for young people aged 13-19. Trinity supports the Project through an annual grant.

Synapse Leek and District Churches Youth Work Project

We support the Synapse Youth Work Project, which works with children and young people aged 9-plus through local schools and Leek College. Trinity supports the Project through an annual grant.